Creating Perinatal Wellbeing

Perinatal refers to the time between pregnancy and the first year of birth. One in five women will experience mental health problems during this time

Grounded in positive psychology, Creating Perinatal Wellbeing is a new three-week course that uses creative, visual and art therapy-based strategies to lessen anxiety, low mood and worries and create beneficial feelings of relaxation.

Workshops are led on The Queen Mary Maternity Ward of West Middlesex Hospital and supported by the West Middlesex Hospital PNMH PIE team.

The course was positive and insightful.”

The course opened our minds to new ways of problem-solving and offered a creative outlet for our thoughts, feelings and anxieties.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, this course will resume later in the year.

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Creating Perinatal Wellbeing is generously supported by Partners for Health and the Sir Halley Stewart Trust