The Creative Wellbeing Project


-Participant feedback ~

I’ve been part of art groups, but I’ve never seen anything like this offered before. This course is about hope, positivity and anchoring. It was a safe place to take risks and get past your inner critic that says, ‘what you’re doing is rubbish’. 

The Creative Wellbeing Project is a lifesaver, it helps you take stock when you’ve been through a difficult time and to redefine your life. 

For me, it was a sanctuary, something that could hold you during a difficult time and help you to carry on. The exercises weren’t just tasks; they were something you could ‘be’.

The course was lively, uplifting and empowering.

The Creative Wellbeing Project is something that needs to be experienced. I looked forward to every class, and the exercises helped me redirect negative thoughts in more positive ways.

The course was such a pleasant surprise, I sometimes feel deadened and bored in groups, but the tutor was energetic and positive. The sessions felt like ‘springtime’ and that was really contagious for everyone.

The course gave me confirmation that it’s ok to be me, to have space to exist as I fully am. Being there brought a lot of reassurance, but it was also really exciting.

I remember feeling lighter – like my mind had been organised a bit and wasn’t all over the place. Just breaking down emotions and putting them in place really helped.

I was able to process memories that had been niggling at me. When they were drawn down they started to make sense. This helped me organise them and gave me closure. 

The group was really welcoming and it was easy to be there, I just wish it had been a little longer.

The course lightened my perspective on life and lifted my mood a lot. There was a lot of support, so I suppose I felt safe.

This course would suit people who want to find meaning in their lives.

It was something I could go to each week that would be positive and life-enhancing, whereas before my life felt quite bleak. 

I would like it if there were more classes like this available for people who suffer from mental wellbeing issues and would like this course to be made available on an on-going basis.

I  think this course could be beneficial for anyone.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Community Learning via Achieving for Children and Richmond Council for making our January 2020 pilot courses possible.