“Thank you for the work that you put into this and for the support that you provided for the team during this first phase of the project. It was really valuable to have your expertise and insight.” ~ Lucie Parkes, Formal Learning Manager, Public Engagement, Historical Royal Palaces

“I found the time invaluable and, as well as appreciating the rare opportunity to explore my own understanding and ideas, I’m confident that the session laid strong foundations for the programme moving forward, whilst ensuring that each team member felt appreciated, included and understood. The shared understanding and sense of safe space achieved within the time was just what we’d hoped for and I appreciate that’s through a lot of planning and expertise on your part.” ~ Creative Producer, Hampton Court Palace

“The team drawing activities brought us closer together. It allowed us to share through creative means first and then words. It made the dynamics feel more equal as we all took part and shared. This also provided insight into how others were feeling and helped build common ground and a sense of comradery.” Staff training Participant, Historical Royal Palaces

“I learned a lot about other Trustees, their thinking and abilities. The drawing helped us contribute to the discussion on all issues.” Charity Trustee

“It was interesting to discover that our best group work on the day was done through the drawings.” Charity Trustee

“It was a really good day, very well planned and organised.” Charity Trustee

“The drawing exercises were a really good way of getting us talking as a group. It was useful in helping us to get to know each other and our individual approaches and motivations – and it was fun!” Charity Trustee

“I learned that the Trust has come a long way and that there is a strong core of optimism.” Charity Trustee

“I thought the drawings presented a very useful way of freeing up ideas. I’m feeling excited about the future the trust” Charity Trustee

“I gained a greater understanding of the history of the trust and a consensus of its purpose. I also discovered how effective the drawings were at initiating good and open discussion. Well done!” Charity Trustee

“Using the drawings to communicate really levelled the playing field.’ Charity Trustee


“I wanted to write and thank you and the artists for putting on such a wonderful exhibition at the World Mental Health Day Reception at Admiralty House. Julia, it was a pleasure to meet you and many of the artists during the evening, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have seen the work that members of the group have produced. Please extend my thanks to your colleagues, artists and everyone that made the exhibition possible.”  Nick Clegg – Deputy Prime Minister 

“Julia offered a safe and calm environment with her approach, inspiring trust and confidence in the young people, putting them at ease and allowing them to fully commit to the exercise. Julia was inclusive and adaptive in her approach offering tailored interventions to allow young people at all different levels of ability to become involved. Such activity aids our patients’ recovery by giving them a safe place to explore their creative self by providing scope for both distraction and self-exploration at the same time” Aquarius Ward for Adolescents ~ Springfield Hospital

“I was genuinely taken aback by the sheer quality of the artwork produced by the young carers. Collective Arts’ professional input proved invaluable and the whole process left all the young carers with a great sense of achievement.” Mark Tuohy -Chief Executive, Richmond Carers

“The Collective Arts workshop was a huge success.” Chandan Mahal – The Museum of London

“Having known Collective Arts since its inception, like the artwork it propagates, I have seen it grow and develop. Greater than the sum of its parts – by adding together we become stronger and it is this principle that has guided Collective Arts over the years to provide a range of positive experiences appropriate for a wide range of people and a diverse range of needs. The team and individual workshops have helped to provide valuable personal and professional insights that go straight to the core of our subconscious enabling us to identify our own problems, therefore, finding a way to resolve them and enabling resolution.”
Rachel Tranter – Former Head of Arts,
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

“Collective Arts workshops are always very popular. They are a joy to work with.” Sue Hoar – Contact a Family

“Collective Arts has been associated with Stanley Infant and Nursery School since 2003 and has made a significant contribution towards the school’s award of Artsmark Gold status. Collective Arts has worked with the children on a number of innovative projects: they have a real commitment to developing the creative potential of each child and a flair for combining their individual contributions into exciting and innovative interactive installations.”
Hilary Bower – Head Teacher, Stanley Infant and Nursery School

“The workshops and themes were extremely well planned and well delivered and it was great to have facilitators like yourselves to support and encourage the young people. The work produced was of a high standard and more importantly the young people really enjoyed taking part…The finished results are displayed all over the Ward and several visitors have commented on them.” Frances Barrett – Aquarius Unit, Springfield NHS Hospital

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for your wonderful Art classes at The Haven – I have posted a comment on your blog but I wanted to let you know HOW much that one session with you in June (just prior to my surgery) helped me to express myself and my emotions more fully. I even purchased a set of acrylic paints with birthday money from my parent! Thank you for creating the space to allow us to embrace fully all that we are.” C.C. Participant, The Haven

“The teacher was supportive, interesting and inspirational.” Participant, The Haven

“This is the first art workshop I have attended. I was not expecting to enjoy the workshop as much as I have.” Participant, The Haven

“All the topics so far have been imaginative and interesting.” Participant, The Haven

“A real opportunity to move forward with my art. A very pleasant creative environment with a teacher/enabler who gives just the right amount of support and encouragement” Art & Soul Participant

“Well organised and fun. A tremendous amount of encouragement to develop my own skill. Helpful but not dogmatic, not autocratic, very democratic. Good direction and very caring and non-intrusive staff.” Art & Soul Participant

“Interesting and imaginative with many opportunities to learn different methods of expressing one’s art.” A.B. Art & Soul Participant

“Enjoyable and enlightening.” Art & Soul Participant

“Lots of motivation and inspiration which has allowed me to be myself and express my emotions with paint.” Art & Soul Participant

“Stimulating, interesting and fulfilling.” Art & Soul Participant

“The workshops have more than exceeded my expectations as I have a very difficult illness not normally allowing me to relieve my mind.” J.J. Art & Soul Participant

“I always come away from the workshops feeling positive.” Art & Soul Participant

“Fantastic.” Art & Soul Participant

“Teachers were very positive and encouraging. The group was very friendly.” Taster session participant

“Exceeded my expectations. “ Art & Soul Participant

“I have found this course helped me with my depression” Art & Soul Short Course Participant