The Artery Project

The Artery Project is a creative self-development programme designed for adults. Using a range of creative, visual and practical activities, this 8-week project aims to enhance well-being by connecting and reconnecting participants with experiences of empowerment, meaning and enjoyment. The program also includes evidence-based strategies for regulating emotions and reframing negative experiences.
Group members will be supported to identify and develop goals, ideas and feelings of purpose within a positive and supportive community network. Once identified, participants will be encouraged to action their ideas through a peer-support network.

The Artery Project is led by a team of highly trained and state registered professionals with expertise in life coaching, positive psychology, counselling, journalism, public relations and social media. All frontline staff hold necessary CRB checks and insurances.
To join our waiting list or for more information, email at with the subject heading ‘The Artery Project’.