Creative Team Development Workshops

Evidence shows that drawing enhances mood. Once triggered, a positive mood can kickstart creative and cognitive processing and prime for higher levels of engagement, insight and problem-solving.

 Using a range of creative, visual and positive psychology tools, these workshops are designed to,

  • enhance communication by using visual language to ‘level the playing field’
  • enable participants to ‘see’ the perspectives and ideas of their colleagues
  • support and strengthen employee wellbeing
  • use visual imagery to push past assumptions and blocks 
  • focus discussion and dialogue
  • provide a visual record that can be revisited and re-explored
  • enhance wellbeing 

Each bespoke session is designed to address the specific needs of the team, however common theme include:

  • identifying and aligning purpose
  • defining and clarifying direction
  • identifying areas of challenge and opportunity
  • illuminating working styles, skills and roles
  • supporting and strengthening team cohesiveness

Although the session involves drawing, artistic skills are not required.

These workshops are also available as one-to-one sessions to clarify purpose, identify and reframe personal blocks, and generate meaningful and viable solutions.