International wellbeing comparison

This just in from the London Art and Health Form’s news letter.

International wellbeing comparison

The Office for National Statistics has released a set of data comparing wellbeing levels in the UK with other countries. The data examines health, cultural participation and wellbeing and shows that while Britain is financially better off than before the economic downturn of 2008, overall life satisfaction has decreased.

The report measures changes in the economy and public reports of health and wellbeing over the period 2007-2014. In terms of health and wellbeing, the UK is performing at a similar level to countries like France but less well than Scandinavian countries. It is notable that in countries where income inequality has dropped over the period (such as Iceland) overall life satisfaction has increased. The UK saw relatively high levels of cultural participation over the period but relatively low levels of engagement in sport. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of people in the UK reported being in good or better health in 2013, higher than the international average of 68%–international-comparisons–2015/art-mnwb-international-comparisons–2015.html

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