Team Visualisation Workshops


Grounded in positive psychology, art therapy and mental well-being theory, Collective Arts’ visualisation workshops address many of the ‘one-size-does-not-fit-all’ challenges faced by team interventions.

Using a flexible range of drawn image and evidence-based strategies, the sessions and tools are designed to effectively respond to team and organisational needs by:

  • creating an environment of enhanced and open communication
  • enabling participants to ‘see’  the perspectives and ideas of others
  • supporting and strengthening team cohesion and well-being
  • identifying key themes
  • focusing discussion and dialogue
  • providing a visual record that can be returned to and re-explored

Although the activity of the workshops requires drawing, no artistic skills are required (stickmen, arrows and symbols are just fine).

Beyond the more practical outcomes of the workshops, the drawing process delivers additional benefits. As scientific research shows, drawing improves mood. As an enhanced mood leads to higher levels of creative and cognitive processing, drawing activities prime participants for high-level engagement, insight and problem-solving. Furthermore, as drawing pushes many people ‘outside of their comfort zone,’ overcoming a perceived challenge enhances feelings of self-efficacy and shared team experience.

Each session is designed to address the specific needs of the team or organisation, but common themes include:

  • identifying and aligning purpose
  • defining direction
  • identifying areas of challenge and opportunity
  • communicating and clarifying working styles, skills and roles
  • supporting and strengthening team cohesiveness