Mindful Creativity Workshops

Our Mindful Creativity Workshops are designed to proactively encourage the creativity and potential of each participant by leading to experiences of enjoyment, meaning and empowerment. Participants are provided with an open brief from which to develop their ideas, experiment and explore.  The sessions cater to all abilities and are in no way reliant on artistic skill or creative ability. These process-focused workshops are designed to trigger experiences of flow and provide opportunities for individuals to explore,  learn new creative skills, reduce negative and enhance positive emotions, and raise overall wellbeing in a subtle and unobtrusive way. The session environment is calm, peaceful and respectful whilst providing opportunities for a positive community experience.

Mindful Creativity Workshops are open to all members of the community. We are currently taking registrations for our 2018 programme at the Exchange Arts Centre in Twickenham.

The course fee is £105 per person for a course of five  2 .5 hour workshops and includes all art materials.

For more information, drop us an email at info@collective-arts.org with the subject heading ‘Mindful Creativity ‘.