The Artery Project – Transformation and wellbeing

Launching in September 2017, The Artery Project is a personal development and transformation programme designed for adults experiencing short term mental health or coping challenges (ie. loss, carers responsibility, social isolation, worry, anxiety, depression, feelings of emptiness, fear etc…).

Using a range of creative, visual and practical activities, this 3-tiered, 15 week project aims to enhance autonomy and reconnect participants with lost experiences of empowerment, meaning and enjoyment.

Group members will be supported to identify and develop goals, ideas and feelings of purpose within a positive and mutually supportive community network. The programme will also include evidence-based strategies for regulating emotions and reframing negative experiences.

To join  our waiting list or for more information, drop us an email with the subject heading ‘The Artery Project’.


How much does  the programme cost?

  • We are currently writing grant proposals in the hope that The Artery Project will be fully grant funded.   Many funders ask for ‘in kind’ contributions ,so we will likely request a small voluntary contribution for art materials (ie. £2.00 per session).

How long is the Artery Project ?

  • 15 Weeks

How many people are in the group?

  • We will accept a maximum of 20 participants in each group in the understanding that not everyone will manage to complete the course. 

What happens if I can’t make all the sessions?

  • We understand that life can interrupt the best laid plans and that while ideas, 100% attendance is not always feasible. Just do your best.

Do I need a referral to join the Artery Project?

  • No – we are happy to accept self-referrals. Many individuals are not unwell enough for formal mental health interventions, but are also know they are functioning below their optimum level. If you feel you need support, we are happy to help you.

As a health care professional, can I refer a client to The Artery Project”

  • Yes, of course. Drop us and email and we can discuss how The Artery Project might suit your client’s needs

Is the Artery Project Art therapy?

  • There are elements of art therapy in The Artery Project, however the focus of the programme is proactive. This means The Artery Project is more about using visual strategies to clarify where you’re going, or to diffuse what’s in your way, than to process where you’ve been. If you are interested in art therapy proper, we do provide one-to-one services, but these are not currently grant funded.

What qualifications do the course leaders hold?

  • The Artery project is led by individuals trained and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council in Art Therapy and Occupational Psychology. They hold additional professional training in life coaching, positive psychology, counselling, journalism, public relations and social media. All front line staff hold necessary checks and insurances.

Where is the project based?

  • The Artery Project will  launch in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (South-West London). Specific venues will be announced in due course.

Why is it called The Artery Project?

  • The project’s name is a word-play on the term ‘art’ and a metaphor of the arteries. Arteries are responsible from transporting oxygenated blood (the good stuff) from the heart (where transformation happens) and delivering nutrients (stuff we need) and removing waste (stuff we don’t) to the body and cells (us).  So in essence, the artery project is about creating a space where beneficial transformation can occur; facilitating the mental wellbeing we need and deterring the negative experiences we don’t.