About us – Julia Ruppert, MA, MAPP

Trained at Canada’s Concordia University and Goldsmiths University of London, Julia Ruppert is a HCPC registered Art Therapist and founder of Collective Arts (www.collective-arts.org). Julia’s approach, based on 25 years’ of experience delivering creative and wellbeing programmes, highlights positive transformation and resilience through contextualised and directed visual activity.

An interest in links between positive psychology and visual interventions, led Julia to the University of East London’s MAPP programme where she completed her MSc with distinction in 2015. Julia’s research explores the outcomes of using Positive Visual Reframing, a single-session intervention where drawn visual imagery is used to shift perceptions of negative memories and experiences. Undertaken with a healthy, non-clinical adult population, the results of her randomised control trial identify Positive Visual Reframing as an efficient and practical emotional regulation tool.  Her research includes presentations at the International Meaning Conference in Toronto in 2016 and the International Culture, Health and Wellbeing conference in Bristol this June.

Julia has been involved in a diverse range of creative arts and wellbeing programming. This activity has included The Community Portrait, a large-scale, community-art installation involving 2,000 participants (currently archived at the Museum of London), as well as numerous experimental and experiential exhibitions and creative engagement programmes. Over the years, Julia has used creative activity to enhance wellbeing for a diverse range of populations including: children with special needs; families at risk; young carers; adolescents with severe mental health challenges; women with breast cancer and employees and teams. Amongst other interests, Julia’s current work focuses on arts and wellbeing programming within museum and gallery settings. Here, Julia leads weekly sessions for Art & Soul, a South-West London-based arts and wellbeing programme for adults with mental health challenges.