Founded in 1999, Collective Arts is an established creative arts organisation based in South West London. Using a range of bespoke and innovative techniques, we use positive creative engagement to enhance wellbeing, self-awareness and personal growth for private and public sector teams, groups and individuals.

As a non-profit organisation, many of our programmes and projects are grant funded

Influenced by current thinking in the field of positive psychology, our workshops also incorporate the 3 core elements identified in successful wellbeing interventions ~ meaning, empowerment and enjoyment.

By proactively integrating these themes into our sessions, we deliver workshops that address a range of wellbeing-focused themes including; resilience, experiential reframing, positive coping, self-efficacy and flow.

As we also believe in the importance of research, we’ve developed our own empirically validated techniques and routinely measure the effectiveness and impact of our programmes.

Reaching more widely into the community wellbeing, we also design and coordinate large-scale community engagement projects (30 to 2,00 participants), coordinate, curate and design art exhibitions, offer art therapy, and deliver public talks on creative engagement and wellbeing. Recent and upcoming presentations include the International Meaning Conference in Toronto (2016) and The International Culture, Health and Wellbeing conference in Bristol (2017).