Focusing on creating wellbeing, Collective Arts was founded in 1999 and is a diverse and established creative arts organisation based in South West London. Working with schools, galleries, businesses and special interest groups, our aim is to ‘create wellbeing’ through a bespoke range of innovative and evidence-based creative arts programming.

Our Range of Creative Activities

The mainstay of Collective Arts activities have traditionally focused on expressive arts workshops for women with breast cancer and adults with mental health and wellbeing challenges. Yet, over the years we have designed creative programming for a highly diverse range of clients including private and public sector teams, young carers, children with special needs, youth in care, families ‘at-risk’ and homeless populations. We’ve delivered employee wellbeing workshops, art therapy, community engagement programmes, organised large-scale art installations, art exhibitions, special events and micro conferences. Our programmes have included anywhere from 1 to 2,000 participants. We also believe in the value of evidencing, which means that we have some very exciting and empirically validated creative techniques up our sleeves. More on that in the months to come…

Transformation and Creative Activity

If we’ve learned only one thing based on over 25 years of experience, it’s that creative activity is transformative. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a company director or a 5 year old child, it can change how you look at and feel about your world.  In recent years, more and more research has begun to explore the impact of creative and image-based activity not only on wellbeing and our perceptions, but also on our ability to learn effectively, communicate, de-stress and understand ourselves. Good and it’s about time because the truth is that we’ve using images to communicate, to share our stories, to assert who we are for almost 15,000 years before we even started using language. We are in fact so inherently clued up on visuals that even having a brief case in a meeting or a picture of Hilary Clinton on the wall enhances our productivity and performance.

We see creative and visually lead transformation happen in every workshop we run, and we design our programming to address and reflect the specific needs and interests of our clients, be it wellbeing, communication, team-work, insight or self-awareness. We will happily administer a range of validated measures to assess the effectives or our programmes, but we see transformation take place in the body language and facial expressions of our participants every day and in every session we run.