Founded in 1999, Collective Arts is a diverse and established creative arts organisation based in South West London. Using a bespoke range of innovative and creative visual arts programming, our aim is to enhance wellbeing for special interest groups, organisations and schools.

Creativity Matters: Over 25 years of experience has taught us that creative activity is transformative. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a company director or a 5 year old child, it can change how you perceive and feel about your world.  In recent years, more and more research has begun to explore the impact of creative and image-based activity not only on wellbeing and perception, but also on our ability to learn effectively, communicate, de-stress and understand ourselves.

Themes and focus: Led by current thinking in the field of positive psychology, our workshops incorporate the 3 core elements of successful wellbeing interventions ~ meaning, empowerment and enjoyment. By integrating these key elements into our programmes, we have delivered workshops creatively designed to  enhance, resilience, role clarification, goal alignment, positive team and community engagement, purpose, positive risk-taking, anxiety, flow, stress, blocks to potential and experiential reframing.

Evidencing: As we believe in the value of evidencing, we have some very exciting and empirically validated techniques up our sleeve and know how to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of our programmes.

Client groups: Collective Arts’ diversity has led us to work with a broad range of individuals and groups, including private and public sector teams, individual employees, women with breast cancer, young carers, adults with mental health challenges, and families. Beyond our wellbeing focus, we design and coordinate large scale community art projects (30 to 2,00 participants), coordinate and curated art exhibitions, design micro-exhibitions, deliver talks and present internationally on our work.